Top 10 Tips To Reduce The Chance Of A Termite (White Ant) Infestation

One in every five homes in Australia faces termite problems. One must protect their homes against termite nestings. You can follow some easy to follow tips to decrease the chance of white ant nestings. Having timely inspection for termites by professionals is highly recommended.

Furthermore, installing a proper termite control system around the boundaries of your property is also worthy. Moreover, homeowners play an important role in decreasing the chances of termites attacks. We understand how valuable your wooden furniture is. Therefore, to make your home non-termite friendly, we are providing you with the best options to control termites- white ants!

10 Amazing Tips To Control White Ants (Termites) Infestation 

Keep an eye on the following factors in order to make your home less attractive for termites. 

  1. Decrease termite food: Do not keep paper and wood material directly on the surface around your property. Remove all the waste cardboard boxes and timber. Moreover, throw them away to the right place. This is because all such items are a feast for termites.  
  2. Prevent moisture: Control moisture in or around your house. As termites are fond of moist and damp places. So, ensure living in a moisture-free environment! 
  3. No Holes: Ensure the boundaries, sub floorings and roofs are free from voids, holes or cavities. As this can act as an entry point for termites.
  1. Proper Water Drainage: Ensure the groundwater drainage is flowing away from the building. At least ensure a gap of 3 feet from the ground. In case you have moist sub floorings, then installing air conditioners will be beneficial. 
  2. Avoid Watering Plants Daily: You must not water the plants at daily intervals. Moreover, keep the watering system away from plants as much as possible. 
  3. Ensure A Leak-Free Home: It’s your responsibility to check for roof downpipes and guttering leaks. Check whether the discharge is occurring properly during rains. 
  4. Store Firewood Off The Ground: As most people store wood logs for the winter season. If you also keep firewood at home, then always ensure that they are placed above the ground and are not in contact with soil. 
  5. Don’t Use Wood Mulch Adjacent To Home: Avoid using wood mulch as much as you can. However, if your place has wood mulching, then ensure it is properly sprayed with termite control insecticides. Or choose the one that is labelled as termite-repellent timber. 
  6. Expose The Furniture To Sunlight: Termites like to make nestings in damp and moist upholstery. So, it’s better to leave your wooden upholstery under the strong sun. Furthermore, with excess heat, the termites will die. Later on, after two to three hours, vacuum the upholstery and it’s done. However, if termite nesting is too hard to handle, seek professional advice. 
  7. Make A Trap From Cardboard: The smell of moist cardboard is most liked by white ants. So, in case you have any spots full of termites, try this hack! Wet the cardboard box and place it near the termite affected area. After a few hours, you can see an accumulation of termites on it. Seal the cardboard box and burn it.

Additional DIY Methods To Control White Ants- Termites! 

  • Make Use Of Parasitic Nematodes: These are worm-like creatures that breed on termite larvae. Placing such worms near termite nesting would kill them within two to three days. Moreover, you can easily buy nematodes from nearby nurseries. 
  • Boric Acid Spray: Mix the borax powder with water and fill it in a spray bottle. It is a less toxic way to prevent termites. Spray this mixture on your termite affected furniture. 
  • Termite Control Oils: Neem and orange oils are best for treating termites. There is a d- limonene compound in oranges that kills termite within seconds of contact. Whereas, neem oil shows results when it enters the termite body. Based on the level and type of infestation, pour the oil drop by drop and wait for results. Moreover, use it twice a day for quick results.

Hire The Local & Best Termite Exterminators

Termite can damage the base of any home and hence the best way to remove them is to hire a professional! Termite Inspection Redland is a local termite inspection & removal company in Redland. We have been aware of different species of termites in Australia. In case your place is infested with white ants try the above-mentioned points. However, if you are done with trying DIY methods. And are searching for “termite control near me,” call us today. Our pest control company stays active round the clock. For your peace of mind, we even run same day and emergency termite control services. So, to bid bye to your termite problem you can recruit us.